Ant Group’s Intelligent R&D Platform CodeFuse Launches the ‘Graphical Code’ Feature

On April 11th, Ant Group’s self-developed intelligent R&D platform CodeFuse launched a new feature called “Graphical Code”, which allows developers to generate code with one click based on product design drawings, significantly improving the efficiency of front-end page development. Currently, this feature is in internal testing.

It is reported that Ant Group is comprehensively implementing AI programming internally, with more than 50% of engineers using CodeFuse to support daily R&D work, and 10% of the code submitted by these engineers is generated by AI.

Currently, within Ant Group, over half of the programmers are using CodeFuse in their daily development work. The overall adoption rate of code generated by CodeFuse is 30%, and the adoption rate in generating unit test scenarios can reach 50%.

The “Graphical Code” feature released this time mainly serves front-end engineers. In the process of developing Internet products, after designers draw the design drawings, front-end engineers need to implement the product design with code, which occupies a considerable amount of development work. With Code Generation from Design, one-click code generation can be done based on the design drawing, greatly reducing the workload for development teams when developing web pages, mini-programs, and apps. Taking a medium-sized webpage as an example, if there are 200 lines of code in the end and it takes about 1 hour for one person to complete it manually, after one-click generation is completed, engineers only need to check and adjust it significantly reducing the time spent.

Ant Group’s CodeFuse leader said that the popularization of AI can not only reduce the work pressure of developers, allowing them to devote more energy to more creative work, but also has a greater significance in lowering the programming threshold and promoting innovation and progress in the software development industry.

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