BAIC’s New Energy ARCFOX αS Reaches Maximum Range of 708km, Beats Xpeng P7

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced on Aug. 24 the 34th catalog of tax-exempt new energy vehicles. The BAIC Group’s New Energy ARCFOX αS currently has three models listed in the catalog, with maximum ranges reaching 525km, 603km, and 708km, respectively.

According to Chinese tech media Mydrivers, ARCFOX αS adopts a purely electric drive through its power system, consisting of three battery packs of 66kWh, 67kWh, and 94kWh. The maximum range of single-motor and dual-motor models can reach 480 km, 525km, 603km, and 708km, depending on the instalment of various combinations of the motors.

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Previously, Xpeng Motors, a leading domestic electric vehicle manufacturer, has been known for surpassing industry rivals to produce new energy vehicles with the leading maximum range.

The Xpeng P7 is capable of an NEDC comprehensive range of 706km, previously making it the Chinese electric vehicle with the longest range, Chinese tech media 36Kr reported. However, the emergence of ARCFOX αS, with a battery allowing the vehicle to drive 708km, broke the P7’s record and now tops the list.

According to 36Kr, ARCFOX αS is a high-performance smart electric vehicle that will roll off the production line at the high-end intelligent manufacturing base of BAIC Bluepark Magna, Zhenjiang. The company is expected to launch this new vehicle in 2021.