Beijing Builds China’s First Cross-border E-commerce Smart Robot Warehouse

The “Internet plus” era calls for intelligent management of e-commerce and rapid acceleration of e-commerce development. Yizhuang, Beijing has built China’s first cross-border e-commerce smart robot warehouse (called Smart One) by adopting the most advanced robot technology in the country for bonded cross-border online shopping.

Smart One has officially opened for bonded cross-border e-commerce business. Starting today, consumers in Beijing can enjoy shorter delivery times and lower costs when buying goods from NetEase Kaola, and other cross-border e-commerce platforms.

The Smart One warehouse has an area of 10,000 square meters (107,640 square feet), including the robot area, the identification area, the tally area, the sorting and packing area, the human-machine handover area, the declaration area and other functional areas. Smart One is equipped with full-view and high-definition video surveillance, as well as X-ray inspection equipment used by customs and the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (CIQ). Smart One commissioned professional services to develop management systems for warehouse storage, order processing and customs assistance necessary for cross-border order fulfillment. Smart One uses intelligent management throughout its range of operations including receiving, shelving, storage, sorting, inspection and delivery.

Smart One can process more than 300,000 packages per day and deploy more than 10,000 robots into the regulatory area for production. Smart One uses the most advanced robot technology in China to achieve automated warehouse management, picking, sorting and inspection. Each Smart One robot can handle 10,000 packages during an eight-hour period, four times more than that achievable with human labor in a traditional warehouse.

According to the Director of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area, Smart One will continue to innovate on the application of AI in e-commerce. It will adopt latest technologies such as mechanical robot arms, automated shipping, and other latest technologies, aiming to replace human operations with robots to achieve intelligent operations throughout the whole process. Such intelligent cross-border bonded online shopping enables consumers to enjoy the benefits of bonded online shopping without the hassle of numerous cross-border formalities. At the same time, because goods are always closely supervised by customs and CIQ, their quality and safety are effectively guaranteed.

This article originally appeared in Tech Web and was translated by Pandaily.