ByteDance Is Considering Selling A Game Studio Valued at $4 Billion

On November 15th, according to informed sources, ByteDance is considering selling its subsidiary game studio MOONTON Games in order to streamline operations and focus on core business.

Insiders say that ByteDance is working with a consultant to assess potential buyers’ interest in MOONTON Games. In 2021, ByteDance acquired MOONTON Games for an estimated value of approximately $4 billion. The latter had developed the popular mobile game ‘Mobile Legends’.

Currently, the negotiations are still in the early stages and it is not immediately known what the scale of ByteDance’s transaction target is. Informed sources say that ByteDance may also decide not to sell. Previously, ByteDance has already downsized some game development and publishing teams, shifting its focus towards e-commerce as a new growth driver. ByteDance had attempted to conquer the video game industry, so if it chooses to sell MOONTON Games, it would mark the company’s biggest retreat from the gaming sector.

As of the time of writing, representatives from ByteDance and MOONTON Games have not responded to requests for comments.

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