Ge Hong, Airbnb's global vice president and China president, has resigned. The company said Xiao Jinhong will take the role until a suitable replacement can be found. The news follows an announcement that Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharcwyk would assume the position as China president.

In 1863, Aisin Gioro Zaichun had just ascended the throne. In London, the world's first subway system as long as 4.8-kilometer began its operation in the same year. More than one hundred years later (1965), the Beijing metro line 1, China's first subway line, just began its construction.

On September 25, Starbucks and Alipay announced cooperation. Finally, the Starbucks will accept the payment system at over 2,800 of its cafes across China. “The days that we receive complaints from customers at Starbucks are over.” Alipay declared in its official weibo account. Alipay is available at over 3,200 Starbucks stores worldwide “Do you accept…