If you ask a foreigner about Chinese beer brands, most of them would first come up with Tsingtao beer, the one named after Chinese coastal city Qingdao. Looking back over a century ago, the colonial past of the city is closely intertwined with the history of the breweries.

Ever since the beginning of times, Chinese people have believed that they are the descendants of dragons. Just like the pop song by famous Chinese-American singer Leehom Wang goes, “in the ancient East there was a dragon; its name was Zhong Guo (China), In the ancient East there was a group of people; they were all descendants of the dragon.”

For some reasons, Dota did it. It has somehow been able to withstand the test of time and snowball into a bigger influencer in the gaming sector year after year. This peculiar phenomenon can be explained by the way the game was experienced by most Chinese gamers while they were growing up.

Speaking of art exhibitions, you often think about canvas paintings in an almost empty room, or statues made of all kinds of materials. That is certainly one kind of exhibition. But in an age where automobiles can drive themselves and mobile payments are spreading like wildfire, art exhibitions can take multiple forms too, such as having a touch of digitalization.