For many, 2019 has been a tough year. However, in the internet community, it's always about finding the fun amidst the dullness of everyday life. Certain words or phrases from hit movies, video platforms and online influencers become buzzwords and started spreading across Chinese social media platforms.

If you ask a foreigner about Chinese beer brands, most of them would first come up with Tsingtao beer, the one named after Chinese coastal city Qingdao. Looking back over a century ago, the colonial past of the city is closely intertwined with the history of the breweries.

Ever since the beginning of times, Chinese people have believed that they are the descendants of dragons. Just like the pop song by famous Chinese-American singer Leehom Wang goes, “in the ancient East there was a dragon; its name was Zhong Guo (China), In the ancient East there was a group of people; they were all descendants of the dragon.”