Robot delivery a reality for the future

The future will be an era of robot deliveries and it will be unnecessary for couriers to work no matter rain or shine, according to Richard Liu, founder and CEO of Group. and Lenovo on July 20 announced a big data strategic collaboration, but did not disclose any details at the Lenovo Global […]

Sogou Maps launches ‘co-driver’ voice interactive system

At a time when Chinese enterprises are focusing on smart home technology and intelligent speakers, Sogou, a subsidiary of Internet company Sohu Inc., is turning to voice technology to enhance map usability. Sogou Maps, a popular Chinese mapping service application, on Tuesday launched an “intelligent co-driver” system which allows voice interaction during car journeys, liberating […]

NetEase Youdao Aims to Make Traditional Translation Market More Internet-oriented

Machines cannot take away translators’ job completely, but it plays its role in providing translation service by “matching” the right words. How big is translation market? Zhou Feng, CEO of NetEase Youdao (网易有道), estimated it is a 40-billion RMB market. According to the 2016 China’s Language Service Industry Development Report, the value that China’s language […]

Baidu Releases Self-driving Software For Free

Chinese search engine company Baidu announced their autonomous car software will be free for download, with the aim to collect data and attract more users to their open-source AI platform. The announcement was made on July 5 during their “Baidu AI Developers Conference” (Baidu Create 2017). Baidu Founder Robin Li had made quite a stir […]

No Intermission for Shared Bikes’ War

Hundreds of workers in bright yellow uniforms assemble small yellow bicycles at the Tianjin Flying Pigeon bicycle factory on May 19. The workers hurriedly attach the wheels and gears to each frame, and every 15 seconds a new ofo unit is born. Workers at the end of the line load each new bike into cardboard […]

The new trends of sharing economy in China

Anything is possible in business. The “Sharing economy” has penetrated into every aspect of life: sharing bicycle, sharing umbrellas (which though proved to be a failure within only one day.) What are the problems behind this seemingly endless economy model? And where do we go from here? 2016 truly was the year of “sharing economy”. […]

Meituan CEO talked about relationships with BAT

The more you try to do, the more enemies you’ll make. Meituan Dianping has learned this lesson through experience. In its early days, the company organized discounted group purchases; later on it became an online movie ticket retailer. Over the years it also tried its hand at takeout, catering and travel services. More recently, Meituan […]