Didi’s Challenges

Didi Chuxing is the largest unicorn company in China valued at 50 billion USD. Over the past three years, not only did the company’s valuation grow in double digits, its investors also witnessed the highest rate of return ever of over ten thousand folds. However, despite the rapid expansion growth Didi is experiencing, the company […]

Writing Software Floods the China’s Internet

Yesterday, People’s Daily reported that plagiarism prevails in online novels and that a writer who suspected of plagiarism was found to have used material in writing software. According investigation, there are numerous stores selling writing software in Taobao. And many software storekeepers say that such software is used to assist novel writing but mainly, the […]

The patent disputes won’t trouble Mobike too much

On September 14, 2017, Shanghai Intellectual Property Court issued the first instance judgement on Hu Tao’s prosecution on Mobike (Beijing) Information Technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the Mobike) for its infringement of the invention patents. Mobike’s bike lock control system is out of the scope of patent protection and thus it doesn’t infringe […]

Beijing Tobacco Control Association Applauded Weibo’s Withdrawal of Smoking Emoji

Weibo withdrew the emoji that represents “cool” from the emoji stickers of its international version, indicating the phase-out of “smoking emoji” from Weibo’s mobile client and PC client. Beijing Tobacco Control Association (BTCA) applauded this act and urged Tencent to follow suit as soon as possible. “Ku” originated from “cool” of foreign culture, meaning “awesome, […]

Chinese Street Culture in Fashion Brand Business

Abstract: For Chinese fashion brands and young people, it takes more time to develop from business to hip-hop and street culture driven by strong culture. Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, Brooklyn in New York and Harajuku in Tokyo are all local landmarks, birthing fashion brand business worth billions of dollars. In China, there is place […]