Everything about China's Innovation

On June 12, Vivo announced its new flagship phone, Vivo NEX in Shanghai. The most striking feature is its pop up camera, or "elevating front camera" as Vivo calls it. The phone will also use an in-display fingerprint sensor and "Screen SoundCasting" technology which allows it to transmit audio waves through the display itself.

The Asian edition of the popular Consumer Electronics Show will open its doors for the 4th time in Shanghai tomorrow at CES Asia 2018. The exhibition will span three days from June 13 - 15 and showcase the newest technologies by over 500 companies from 80 countries.

Foxconn Industrial Internet Co Ltd. (FII) made a record debut by raising 27.1 billion yuan ($4.3 billion) on Friday, and became the most valuable tech company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange as well as in the entire mainland China.