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On April 25, 2018, Ant Financial launched the 2018 ATEC AI Competition in Hangzhou, China. As a renowned financial service group in China, the company has partnered with Chinese and international universities including the University of California, Berkeley and Imperial College London, to put forward discussions and explorations of AI-related financial solutions.

On September 14, Alipay and Cainiao Global held the Global Logistics and Supply Chain Conference (GLSC) in Shanghai, and announced that they will provide services for SMEs form the most basic payment to marketing, credit, and finance businesses. At the same time, the Ant Financial will use face recognition technology in the logistics industry, so…

In last week’s China VC news: online grocery platform Dingdong Maicai bags a new tranche in its Series D round, bringing total financing amassed in the round to $1 billion; California-based biopharma firm Kinnate starts a joint venture to expand in China; luxury resale platform GoShare2 rakes in “tens of millions of US dollars” in Series C financing; and plant-based ground pork brand Zrou owner raised $7.3 million in a Series A round of financing.