Everything about China's Innovation

Bloomberg reported that Apple was seeking to cooperate with BOE, China's largest screen maker, to develop OLED screens in February. At the time, there was no significant OLED manufacturing in BOE, but a source in South Korea said the yield of OLED panels in BOE may be changing.

Wang Xiaofeng, co-founder and CEO of Mobike, delivered a speech themed The Internationalization of Chinese Enterprises at The Year Ahead summit, hosted by Bloomberg Businessweek in cooperation with Sina Weibo. He spoke about internationalization and Mobike's ideas, and rejected ideas about a merger.

Google is not sitting idle while China's IT giants increase their investments in the AI sector. At the media event held in Tokyo, Jeff Dean, the director of Google Brain, said the company is establishing its AI team in China, and is mainly recruiting in Beijing and Shanghai.

Fans were saddened by the sudden death by exhaustion of online gaming host Gu Wang. Gu Wang, a hard-working host whose live broadcasts began at midnight and ran until 9 am. Media reported that Gu Wang suffered burn-out and died because of his unhealthy lifestyle. According to records from his channel, he was streaming a…