Spy Photos Exposed of NIO EC7 and Shooting Brake Version of ET5

The founder of Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO has said that the company will launch new products during “NIO Day” on December 24. On December 19, spy photos of the firm’s EC7 model and ET5 shooting brake version were exposed.

NIO‘s EC7 is a brand-new pure electric SUV with a similar appearance to Tesla’s Model Y. The front of the car is similar to that of the NIO EC6, with horizontal daytime running lights at the upper part and vertical headlights at the lower part. On the side of the car body, it adopts a coupe-style shape and becomes more streamlined. The taillight is similar to that of the NIO ET7. There is also a beautiful spoiler at the rear.

The NIO ES7 has a lidar in the center and 8-megapixel cameras on both sides. It is expected that the EC7 will also adopt this configuration. EC7 is expected to be larger than EC6 with a length, width and height of 4850/1965/1731mm, and a wheelbase of 2900mm.

NIO EC7 (Source: NIO)

As for power, the NIO EC7 is expected to adopt the same battery system as the NIO ES7. For reference, the ES7 adopts dual motors with a total power of 480 kW and total torque of 850 N·m. It is equipped with 75 kWh, 100 kWh and 150 kWh battery packs according to different configurations, and the cruising range under CLTC conditions can reach more than 900 km.

The ET5 shooting brake version is based on the ET5 sedan version. Shooting brakes not only have the trunk space of SUVs, but also have the advantages of easy handling, like sedans.

NIO ET5 shooting brake version (Source: NIO)

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Judging from the headlights set and the shape of the front grille, the car still adopts the iconic design elements of most NIO models. In addition, according to the lidar module on the roof, it is expected that the car will have the most advanced driving assistance functions offered by the firm. There are two versions of the NIO ET5 on sale, with prices of 328,000 yuan and 386,000 yuan. Referring to the pricing rules of other shooting brake models, they are generally more expensive than sedans.

Qin Lihong, the co-founder and president of NIO, once said that on this year’s NIO Day, two new cars will be released, including the ES8 on the NT2.0 platform, and another brand-new stylish car. Chinese auto media outlets speculated that the latter might be a station wagon.