The Richest Man in China Now Is No Longer Jack Ma

Just recently, Pony Ma surpassed Jack Ma as being China’s richest man! According to Forbes recently updated real-time rankings statistics, Pony Ma’s personal net assets have reached 36.9 billion USD, ranking him 18th in Forbes listing of the richest people in the world. For the first time, he has surpassed the founder of Alibaba, Jack […]

Freestylers on Rap of China Go Viral

Rap Battles! Young folks showing others how it’s done If you’re looking for how freestyling is done, your best bet is by watching the TV series, the Rap of China. The iQiyi produced network variety show not only went viral on WeChat and Weibo, it even became the new hot topic among those in the […]

Passengers Can Now Order Takeout While Taking the Chinese High Speed Rail with Alipay Integration

According to recent news, starting July 17th, passengers taking the G and D EMU (electric multiple unit ) trains will be able to make meal orders through the 12306(China Railway Corporation’s official website) and its mobile app. After completing an order on the app, the on-train staff will deliver the meal to the designated passenger compartments […]

Silicon Valley’s China Paradox

Li Zhifei has spent his professional career cross-pollinating the world’s two most vibrant innovation ecosystems. Born in central China at the dawn of reform and opening, Li graduated college in China and dove headfirst into the country’s dot com boom of the early 2000s. When that bubble burst, he headed to Johns Hopkins University for […]

No Intermission for Shared Bikes’ War

Hundreds of workers in bright yellow uniforms assemble small yellow bicycles at the Tianjin Flying Pigeon bicycle factory on May 19. The workers hurriedly attach the wheels and gears to each frame, and every 15 seconds a new ofo unit is born. Workers at the end of the line load each new bike into cardboard […]

Meituan CEO talked about relationships with BAT

The more you try to do, the more enemies you’ll make. Meituan Dianping has learned this lesson through experience. In its early days, the company organized discounted group purchases; later on it became an online movie ticket retailer. Over the years it also tried its hand at takeout, catering and travel services. More recently, Meituan […]