Unqualified Didi Driver Disobeys Pullover Request, Injuring 4

A Didi driver broke through a police barrier on June 13, trying to escape examination, injuring four, including one law enforcement officer, according to ThePaper.

The driver will likely be fined 10,000 yuan ($1444), and Didi Chuxing, the Chinese online ride-hailing service provider, is expected to be fined ten times that amount.

anecdote vehicle
anecdote vehicle (Source: weibo)

“We are devastated and feel truly sorry about this unfortunate incident. Under any circumstances, safety is the one and only line that must never be crossed. Didi resists and denounces any act that ignores others’ safety,” Didi announced on its Weibo account.

accident scene
accident scene (Source: Chinanews)

The white BYD car with the plate HuAF08630 was driving south when traffic police officers found on a law enforcement app that the car was picking up passengers. They approached the driver and gave him a sign to stop. But the driver continued driving slowly, even speeding up to push through them. One officer was injured during the process.

The driver went on knocking down a senior on a bike and a young female along the road. The car was severely damaged after he ran unto the curb on the second impact. The passenger in the driver’s car was also hurt.

traffic police officers and DiDi Chuxing in talks
traffic police officers and DiDi Chuxing in talks (Source: weibo)

Police later shared that the car and its driver were not qualified for online ride-hailing services, though the car was registered on Didi last May.

Recently, there have been many similar cases, the traffic administrative department told ThePaper. The department is intensifying law enforcement over illegal online ride-hailing cars and their platforms.