Baidu ERNIE Bot Answers 33.42 Million Questions on the 1st Opening Day

On September 1st, Baidu announced the first-day report of the release and download of their large-scale language model, ERNIE Bot.

Baidu stated that according to official platform data, during the period from 0:00 to 24:00 Beijing time on August 31st, ERNIE Bot replied to over 33.42 million questions from netizens and had over one million daily active users within the first 19 hours of its release for download.

In addition, ERNIE Bot App has reached the hot list of multiple app stores and topped the rankings of several app stores. Baidu, Inc. claims that on March 16th this year, ERNIE Bot started its invitation testing. The basic model of ERNIE Bot was first released in China as early as 2019 and the recently upgraded version, ERNIE Bot 3.5, has consistently ranked first in more than ten authoritative evaluations both domestically and internationally.

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Baidu recently announced in the late night that its AI flagship model product ERNIE Bot will be the first to fully open to the whole society. Users can download the ERNIE Bot App from the application store or log in to the ERNIE Bot official website for experience. It will also open a batch of newly reconstructed native AI applications, allowing users to fully experience the four core capabilities of generative AI: understanding, generation, logic, and memory.