Huawei’s Hou Jinlong: Company to Promote Development of Clean Energy and Energy Digitalization

At Huawei’s TrustInTech Summit 2021, hosted online on Thursday night, Hou Jinlong, senior vice president of the company and president of Huawei Digital Power, said, “Over the next 30 to 40 years, we will continue to see intelligence and low-carbon gain traction. Going intelligent requires digital technologies, while decreasing our carbon footprint requires power electronics technologies. As these trends progress, the global energy industry will change from resource-dependent to technology-driven.”

Therefore, the firm will make efforts in five aspects to promote the development of clean energy and energy digitalization in the future.

First: clean power generation. For example, by using intelligent and digital means to accurately manage each series of components in the photovoltaic park, the power generation of the power station can increase by more than 2%.

Second: energy digitalization. Technologies such as cloud and AI can be used to build a digital twin of the whole process from energy production to consumption, thereby improving efficiency.

Third: transportation electrification. New energy vehicles’ battery life and charging experience will be improved.

Fourth: green ICT infrastructure. We can transform data centers and communication networks into a green and low-carbon digital infrastructure, increasing computing power and connectivity per watt.

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Fifth: low-carbon cities. Hou announced at the summit that the firm’s Shenzhen Antuoshan base, which is currently under construction, is expected to be put into use next year and will be the world’s largest “PEDF” (photovoltaic, energy storage, direct current and flexibility) near-zero carbon park. Once completed, the base will be able to produce 1.5 million kWh of photovoltaic green electricity every year. Its annual power consumption will be reduced from more than 14 million kWh to 7 million kWh, saving 50% of energy usage and reducing carbon emissions by more than 60%.

As of September 30, 2021, Huawei Digital Power has helped customers generate 443.5 billion kWh of green power and save 13.6 billion kWh of electricity. This is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by 210 million tons and planting 290 million trees.