When we think of Ieoh Ming Pei, the first thing that comes to mind is the glass pyramid in front of the Grand Louvre. After its completion in 1989, the magnificent structure was the subject of much controversy. Many doubted that it was in accord with the classical architecture of the Louvre. 30 years later, the glass pyramid has become the most prominent landmark in Paris alongside the Eiffel tower.

Recently, the weather in Beijing has gradually cooled, but I still get sweaty after getting pushed and shoved back and forth while commuting on the subway. After the hour-long commute, all I want to do the moment I get home is to take a quick shower. But more often than not, I'd find myself greeted… Carrie and Joe fell in love in the city of Beijing. Together, they decided to tackle the city's trash problem head-on, starting by following a lifestyle that produces no waste themselves. Later, they founded THE BULK HOUSE, which is the first social enterprise in China that focuses on promoting zero waste.