Photos of New Xpeng Motors Mid-Size SUV Leaked, Revealing Lidar and Air Suspension System

Auto blogger Dabaozili recently exposed a group of interior photos of Xpeng‘s new mid-size SUV, showing that the new car may be the fourth mass production model of the company. It will reportedly be produced on the same platform as the Xpeng P7 and is expected to enter the market in 2022.

According to the leaked photos, the steering wheel of the new car adopts the same design as the Xpeng P7, and the whole center console seems to run through from the driver’s side to the front of the co-pilot seat, which is different from the current design of the Xpeng P7, P5 and G3i.

(Source: Auto Blogger Dabaozili)

The seats of the new car are black and brown, giving off a luxurious feeling.

The new car reportedly uses a trinocular camera, without cameras at the fender of the car body. There are two irregular holes on the front windshield, which may be reserved for lidar or other equipment.

As for the exterior part of the new vehicle, this SUV still adopts the split headlight design, similar to the Xpeng P7 and G3i, with the upper part of the light strip running through the front of the vehicle and the lower part serving as the main lighting source. However, unlike the P7, the front of the new vehicle is higher.

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Xpeng said the new car will be a medium to large-size SUV, similar to the NIO ES6, and its interior space will be comparable to a BMW X5. The new car will be produced with the Smart Electric Platform Architecture (SEPA), like the P7, and the maximum wheelbase will be up to 3100mm.

In terms of configuration, Xpeng plans to equip the new car with a more advanced autonomous driving system, featuring two lidars and supporting XPILOT 4.0 and NVIDIA DRIVE Orin.

In addition, the new car will also reportedly be upgraded in terms of vehicle technology, including the ultra-high voltage super-charging technology to shorten the charging time, and it is expected to be equipped with an air suspension system.