Subsidiary of E-Mobility Firm Niu Technologies Debuts Niutron NV Car Model

Niutron, a subsidiary of Chinese e-mobility firm Niu Technologies, unveiled its first SUV model on Monday, offering details regarding its interior design and configuration. According to the firm’s plan, the Niutron NV will begin small-scale production in March, and will officially be delivered to customers from September.

The Niutron NV is positioned as a medium to large-sized SUV, with the length, width and height of 4915mm, 1962mm and 1745mm, respectively. Its wheelbase is close to the standard axle version of the Land Rover Range Rover.

Additionally, the Niutron NV adopts a hardcore design, coupled with a relatively large body size, giving the model a full appearance. Its front adopts an active air intake grille that can be opened and closed, and is equipped with a round headlight set and a daytime running lamp that runs through the whole front.

From the side, the most notable feature of the Niutron NV is that there is a charging indicator at the C-pillar position, which can show the battery condition of the vehicle. However, due to Chinese laws and regulations, the charging indicator on the side of the vehicle will not be turned on when the vehicle is driving.

In addition, the door handle of the model adopts a hidden pop-up design and has a mechanical de-icing feature. When the door handle of the vehicle freezes, the internal mechanism of the door handle can break through the ice layer.

The Niutron NV is based on a “Gemini” twin power module system, and adopts a modular design, including a pure electric system and extended range system. However, the firm has not announced more specific configurations of the vehicle power system, only saying very simply that the model will be driven by four wheels, and that the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is 5.9 seconds.

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According to Li Yinan, founder and CEO of Niu Technologies, Niutron has completed an A round of financing worth $500 million since its establishment in November 2018. The investors include IDG Capital, and the team has grown to nearly 1,000 people.

The designed production capacity of the Niutron factory in the city of Changzhou is 180,000 units per year. The factory is currently undergoing renovation and calibration before mass production and will be put to use in March 2022.