Recently, the weather in Beijing has gradually cooled, but I still get sweaty after getting pushed and shoved back and forth while commuting on the subway. After the hour-long commute, all I want to do the moment I get home is to take a quick shower. But more often than not, I'd find myself greeted…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOrUhzL1Uyk&t=5s Carrie and Joe fell in love in the city of Beijing. Together, they decided to tackle the city's trash problem head-on, starting by following a lifestyle that produces no waste themselves. Later, they founded THE BULK HOUSE, which is the first social enterprise in China that focuses on promoting zero waste.

A city is not only a division of geographical location, but also a competitive entity for new technology. When a new technology emerges, there will be local adoption that creates new urban economic growth factors and a new perception of the city. For major cities, blockchain is a rare technical gift.