WeChat Channels Live E-Commerce Team Merges Into the WeChat Open Platform Team

On the afternoon of May 28th, WeChat issued an internal announcement that the WeChat Channels live e-commerce team has been reorganized.

It is reported that the WeChat Channels live e-commerce team will be integrated into the WeChat Open Platform (Mini Programs, Official Accounts, etc.) team, and the original WeChat Channels live e-commerce team will be led by the head of the WeChat Open Platform.

Informed sources said that this adjustment will help integrate the business of video channel live e-commerce into the WeChat ecosystem more effectively and provide better development opportunities for video channel live e-commerce.

At the end of last year, there was news that WeChat Channels increased its investment in live streaming e-commerce resources. To this end, it has adjusted the organizational structure of both the WeChat Pay and WeChat Channels teams, aiming to integrate WeChat Pay and WeChat Channels and allocate more resources to “live streaming e-commerce”.

In addition, it is reported that the GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of WeChat Channels’ e-commerce is expected to reach around 100 billion yuan by 2023. At Tencent‘s annual meeting in January 2024, Pony Ma, CEO of Tencent, stated that video channels are “the hope of all geese factories” and that this year’s focus will be on developing video channel live-streaming e-commerce.

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