Xiaomi Auto Trademarks Approved, Mass Production Planned for 2024

Xiaomi has made progress in its auto-making. Recently, the Tianyancha App showed that the trademarks of “Xiaomi Auto”, “XIAOMICAR”, “MICAR” and “Mi car” that had been applied for registration by Xiaomi Corporation were now changed to show as registered trademarks or with a preliminary announcement. Some other international classifications of trademarks were refused for further review or are currently waiting for more extensive examination.

Most of these trademarks were applied for in April 2021, covering a variety of means of transport, education, entertainment, transportation and storage, and others.

One month after the successful registration of the Xiaomi Auto, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, announced that the progress of the company’s automobile work has far exceeded his expectations, and Xiaomi Auto would begin mass-production in the first half of 2024.

Lu Weibing is a partner of the company and the CEO of Redmi, a smartphone brand owned by Xiaomi. He had publicly stated before on Weibo that the reason for starting the Xiaomi auto business is the sharing of its existing assets and capabilities: brands, users, retail, supply chain, technology and so on. Therefore, Mi Home, Xiaomi‘s direct-sale store, will assume the responsibility of its auto sales and service, and will do a great job in linking the experience of its ecological chain based on the user feedback. As a result, it is necessary for the company to open a large shop to display cars.

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