Yunnan Baiyao Group Cooperates With Huawei for AI Drug Development

Yunnan Baiyao Group, a Chinese medicine developer and manufacturer, announced on July 25 its signing of the “Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement on Artificial Intelligence Drug R&D,” alongside Shenzhen-based tech giant Huawei. This partnership is intended to enhance the scientific and technological content of Yunnan Baiyao’s products.

Yunnan Baiyao said that Huawei Technology has rich experience in AI-assisted drug R&D, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. It will carry out extensive exchange and cooperation with Huawei in the field of AI drug R&D, explore the mechanism of joint scientific research and innovation, and expand the scope and depth of cooperation – including but not limited to large and small molecule design, related diseases, and database development.

It is worth noting that Yunnan Baiyao has brought in Huawei executives twice. On June 2, Yunnan Baiyao introduced Ma Jia as the new chief financial officer. Ma worked for Huawei in different positions, including as financial director of a subsidiary of Huawei Technology in the Commonwealth of the Independent States, CFO of Shandong Representative Office, BG CFO of China Operator, and other roles.

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In March 2021, Yunnan Baiyao announced that, upon nomination by the chairman and co-chairman, it had agreed to appoint Dong Ming as Chief Executive Officer. Prior to this, Dong served as a technical engineer and head of the VIP system department at Huawei Technology.

At an investor research meeting on March 28, Yunnan Baiyao emphasized that it would develop and transform the new strategy, including digital technology. The company will introduce new technologies including AI into all aspects of R&D and operation, promoting the development to a higher starting point.