2020 Top 10 Products on Taobao Revealed: Masks, Eggbeaters, Cat-feeding Services, Blindboxes and More

Taobao announced the top 10 products on the online shopping site in 2020. They are masks, eggbeaters, helmets, jerseys, JK uniforms, door-to-door cat feeding, hot dry noodles, 5G mobile phones, Ultraman and blindboxes. From the pandemic to pop culture trends and top news, Taobao’s most popular products tell stories of Chinese people’s 2020.

Due to the raging pandemic this year, “mask” was searched 7.5 billion times on Taobao this year, according to Taobao’s data. “Eggbeater” was searched almost 100 million times, while sales of No.24 jerseys increased by 6.8 times compared to last year. No.24 was the jersey number of former NBA star Kobe Bryant who was killed in an accident this year.

(Source: Taobao)

In the second quarter, JK uniforms had a turnover increase of 255%. Sales of door-to-door cat feeding services increased 220 times compared to last year. In addition, the keyword 5G was searched 290 million times, driving up sales of 5G smartphones. “Ultraman” appeared in more than 200 million searches and “blindbox” was searched more than 300 million times.

(Source: Taobao)

In the first half of this year, a safe-driving operation was launched, promoting bike/motorcycle helmet-wearing and driving up sales of helmets on Taobao. Sales of helmets had the highest year-over-year growth in May. During the Double 11 shopping festival, the sales of riding helmets on Tmall within 24 hours even broke the Guinness world record.

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In addition, according to Taobao’s official microblog, during the pandemic, netizens across the country bought 1.5 million kg of unsold fruits and vegetables on Taobao in three days; 1.8 billion people used Taobao Live to go on virtual tours around the world; 10,000 movie tickets were sold in 1 second after movie theaters were reopened. 130 million Hubei crayfish were sold in 9 days. People volunteered to buy products from Hubei Province to show love and support.

(Source: Taobao)

In terms of the number of searches of various keywords, the number of searches for “cat-feeding service” reached 280,000; the number of searches for “Luosifen” reached 440 million; searches for formula milk reached 450 million; “domestic beauty makeup” was searched 3.6 million times; “plus-size women’s clothing” was searched 580 million times; searches for “Lolita skirt” reached 130 million; “Hanfu” appeared in 1.6 billion searches while “JK Uniform” was searched 540 million times.

During this year’s Double 11 shopping festival, the total turnover of the Tmall Double 11 global shopping season reached 498.2 billion yuan.