3D Camera Firm Mega Phase Secures Tens of Millions of Yuan in Funding

Mega Phase Technology, a leading manufacturer of 3D cameras, announced on Wednesday its closing of a Series A funding round garnering tens of millions of yuan, with exclusive investment from Northern Light Venture Capital.

Chairman of Mega Phase Wu Di said: “Following the funding, Mega Phase is committed to further increasing its R&D investment, expanding its business layout, bringing more, better and more innovative machine vision products, and forging a world-class 3D machine vision brand.”

Mega Phase was established in 2014, and is headquartered in the Zhang Jiang High-Tech Park, Shanghai. It also has branches in the cities of Shenzhen, Suzhou and Chengdu, and is a renowned industrial-grade 3D camera hardware manufacturer. Mega Phase is the first Chinese company to successfully apply structured light technology using phase shifts for online inspection of industrial assembly lines.

The Sizector 3D camera is a key product made by Mega Phase. Different from common PC-BASED open-source structured light solutions currently on the market, the Sizector 3D camera can accomplish complex, structured light shooting control and calculation directly inside the hardware, and it can directly generate high-quality 3D point cloud data.

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The Sizector 3D camera has significantly improved its performance with a maximum full-cycle frame rate of 47FPS, a maximum full-cycle point rate of 63.81MPts/s, and an area repetition accuracy of 50nm, based on all-round intensive self-research and years of continuous optimization of optics, mechanics, electronics, software and algorithms.

Sizector 3D cameras are now available across five different series and 16 different models, and are widely used in various application scenarios such as dimensional inspection, defect detection, robot positioning guidance and more. Its customers can be found in the fields of consumer electronics, new energy, communication, aerospace, semiconductor, automotive manufacturing, nuclear industry and others. This year, Mega Phase is expected to launch a range of new products.