3D Vision Firm DexForce Bags Nearly $10M in Financing

DexForce, a 3D vision software and hardware product company, has recently completed an angel round of financing worth nearly $10 million, with investors including Green Pine Capital Partners and ZhenFund, according to a report by 36Kr. The funds obtained from this round will be invested in the R&D of products and talent recruitment.

Established in June 2021, DexForce focuses on the R&D of 3D vision products, providing cameras, algorithms and integrated solutions of software and hardware. At present, its solutions have been applied to industrial manufacturing scenarios including semiconductors, 3C (computer, communication and consumer electronics), automobiles and metal processing.

The company’s core business are technology and products. Li Ping, CTO of DexForce, said that it uses 3D geometry deep learning technology to solve different problems in industrial manufacturing based on the 3D digital twinning and mixed AI. The mixed AI platform, which is independently developed by the company, integrates data generated by simulation rendering, geometric depth learning model design and domain adaptive model training. It thus can realize the integration of imaging perception at a low cost.

As for the products, DexForce developed an industrial 3D vision depth camera, which was matched with algorithm model training and industrial software to provide customers with integrated 3D vision capability. Aiming at the application of different space sizes, it has released two depth cameras, which have been mass-produced to meet the needs of flexible production.

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The scale of the machine vision market is constantly expanding. The global market is now worth about 100 billion yuan ($15.7 billion), and it is still growing at a rate of more than 14% every year. China occupies 20% of the global market while the domestic manufacturing industry accounts for over 30% of the global market. There is still a broad space for demand of machine vision technology.