3D Vision Technology Firm Tanglang Huishi Receives $22 Million in A-Round Financing

Recently, Tanglang Huishi Technology Co., Ltd. announced the completion of round A financing in which it secured 138 million yuan ($22 million), led by Shang Tang AI Fund and followed by Wenxing Shengshi and Putuo Investment. Its original shareholder Mantis Vision also participated in this round of financing.

The new funds will be mainly used for research and development of 3D technology software and hardware, the landing of a 3D studio and production of Metaverse content.

Tanglang Huishi, established in 2018, is committed to the research and development and application of 3D vision. Its team comes from SAP, IBM, Intel and other high-tech enterprises, with rich technology and market experience.

The company’s main product systems are divided into three categories: embedded 3D sensing equipment, AIOT and industry solutions, and 3D studio. The first is mainly used for front cameras of mobile devices, face payment and smart door locks. The second component’s main application scenarios include public security criminal investigation, culture and entertainment. Finally, 3D studio includes AR/VR, 3D live-streaming architecture and cloud services.

Tanglang Huishi is also effective in the commercial application of products. The company signed an agreement with Xiaomi as soon as it entered China in 2018 to help the latter complete the world’s first front-end 3D-structured light smartphone. In 2019, Tanglang Huishi cooperated with KE Holdings, Ant Financial, Tencent, Baidu and other companies in logistics, AR smart tourism, 3D face recognition and so on.

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With the completion of round A financing, Tanglang Huishi released a new product based on holographic studio technology – the “Ring Studio.” This product can not only record holographic 3D videos, but can also achieve high-quality holographic live-streaming. The company plans to bring this product to domestic consumers in 2022.