Aerial Work Robot Firm RobotPlusPlus Raises $15M in Series B Financing

RobotPlusPlus, a leader in aerial work robots, announced on Tuesday its Series B funding round of $15 million, bringing its investment total to approximately $35 million since its founding in 2017.

This latest funding round was led by Meituan, China’s leading tech and online retail company, and Fosun, a global innovation-driven consumer group. ZWC Partners was the lead investor in the Round A financing of RobotPlusPlus in 2021, which raised over $15 million.

RobotPlusPlus plans to use the new capital to accelerate its R&D timeline and expand its global presence. New robotic offerings will be released for cargo hold cleaning, tank painting, and facade cleaning, in addition to upgrading current products by integrating more autonomous technologies.

Founded in September 2015, RobotPlusPlus has a mission to “empower humans with robots.” It has a portfolio of robotic solutions for crucial industries such as maritime, ship repair, petrochemicals, and power generation.

The company focuses on addressing the need to improve aerial work safety for operators while improving the efficiency of Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair (IMR) solutions and lowering operating costs for asset owners.

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