AI Company Huiye Technology Secures Pre-A Financing Exclusively Led by Shunwei Capital

According to a report by 36Kr today, Huiye Technology, an AI-driven technology service provider, has completed a Pre-A round of financing, led by Shunwei Capital. Previously, the company had received an angel round of financing led by Cyanhill Capital. The funds raised in this round will be used to improve technology, expand the company’s team and explore different commercialization models.

Huiye Technology has created a set of “deep neural network frameworks”, based on which virtual characters can learn both simple and complex human movement patterns. Virtual characters will dance automatically according to the melody input into the system without the need to capture the movement of real people in advance.

Qu Siyuan, Founder of Huiye Technology, said, “AI-driven virtual characters will become mainstream in the future, while real life motion capture will not be completely replaced within the next few years.” These two technologies will work in different situations. The former technology will be applied in logical and regular scenarios such as virtual DJs, virtual brand and fitness instructors. The latter will be wielded when there are artistic creative needs, such as specific performances under the guidance of scripts.

Qu believes that the development of virtual digital characters should be divided into three stages. In stage 1.0, characters are mainly virtual images existing in the digital world, with non-physical entities, mainly in the form of pictures or videos. In stage 2.0, they are virtual beings that can interact and perform in real time, and can have two-way interaction with users. In stage 3.0, each character can have her or his own specific personality and personalized behaviors, which can make users believe that they really exist in a virtual world.

According to Qu’s plan, Huiye Technology is transitioning from stage 2.0 to stage 3.0. “At present, we strive to make virtual character do various real-time interactions and performances by an AI-driven engine. In the future, our goal is to make virtual characters have complex personalities, make independent decisions and express emotions.”

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The company hopes to provide services to enterprises to meet their needs for virtual characters. At the same time, the company has launched its own virtual character products, including digital DJs, virtual fitness instructors and virtual brand spokespersons.