AI-PRIME Wins Tens of Millions of Dollars in A and A+ Rounds of Financing

AI-PRIME, an artificial intelligence solutions startup, announced on Monday that it has secured tens of millions of dollars in A and A+ rounds of financing, with SAIF Partners and Sinovation Ventures jointly acting as leading investors in round A, and existing shareholder Zhongxin Ziben making additional investment in the A+ round.

AI-PRIME was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Shanghai. It currently has a staff of nearly 100 members, and the company will introduce more professionals after this round of financing. Its main product, “AI Monitoring System for Industrial Safety,” is mainly used to improve safety of personnel operations in various production scenarios of factories.

The firm mainly focuses on the petroleum, chemicals, steel and other industries, and it has launched the cloud industrial security platform “Prime Safety+” based on AI, real-time image processing, RPA, and knowledge graph.

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The platform consists of three sections, which are divided into a field monitoring and control module “Prime Eagle,” a fusion and data and analysis platform module “Prime Lion” and an RPA robot and multi-system fusion module “Prime Octopus” (formerly named Chipmunk).

From 2020 to 2021, the revenues of AI-PRIME Company increased by nearly eight times. It mainly serves large enterprises in the petroleum, chemicals and steel industries. In addition, the company launched lightweight products for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Going forward, AI-PRIME says it will explore more subdivision scenarios in major industries, applying cutting-edge technologies including AR and the industrial metaverse.