World’s First 5G and 6G Satellites Launched Successfully

On February 3, Chinese telecommunication giant China Mobile launched the world’s first set of 5G and 6G integrated terrestrial-orbit network low-orbit experimental satellites.

It is understood that “China Mobile 01 Star” is the world’s first experimental satellite capable of verifying 5G terrestrial-orbit integration technology. The base station it carries can use the wide coverage advantage of the satellite to transmit 5G signals to places that ground networks cannot cover. The other satellite, “Star Core Verification Star,” carries the first starborne core network system designed with 6G concepts.

This dual-star experimental system will be used to test the integrated terrestrial-orbit communication technology that combines low-orbit satellites with ground mobile communication networks. These two experimental satellites have an orbital altitude of about 500 kilometers. Compared with geostationary satellites at 36,000 kilometers, they have the advantages of low latency and high data transmission rates. The development of large-scale low-orbit satellite network communications can help make up for the lack of coverage of ground mobile networks and provide higher bandwidth satellite internet services in remote areas.

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