Airbnb China Sets Up 70-Million-Yuan Special Fund to Restore Confidence During Coronavirus Outbreak

Airbnb today announced on its WeChat public account that the company would set up a $10,000 000 fund (approximately 70,000 000 yuan) to support Chinese Airbnb users during the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. The homestay service platform also made “10 promises” to all its users to restore confidence during the hard time.

In the WeChat post, Airbnb promised to refund all host service feeS for all homestays listed in Hubei province between February 5th and May 1st, 2020. For the travelers, Airbnb Introduced a “Cancel Green Pass” project that will make trip cancelation easier in Chinese mainland in February.

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Airbnb also made promises to donate through NGO Give2Asia and provide unconditional refunds for medical professionals fighting the virus. In the statement, the company claimed that it would continue to promote its platform on the Chinese market after the epidemic is over, and will commit to the healthy growth in Chinese market.