AIsphere Received Funding of Over 100 Million Chinese Yuan

Recently, Chinese AI startup AIsphere completed a Series A2 funding round of over 100 million yuan, led by Ant Group. This round of financing will be used to further iterate on self-developed large-scale video generation models and upgrade the team to accelerate the industry application of AI video generation technology.

AIsphere is an AIGC visual multimodal algorithm developer, focusing on the research and development of AI video generation large models and applications. AIsphere is dedicated to creating globally leading AI video generation large models and applications to meet the new creative and consumption demands in the video field of the AGI era, promoting the inclusivity of AI video generation technology. In the field of AI video generation, it has achieved globally leading generation effects in terms of accuracy, consistency, and other core dimensions in a very short time.

The founder/CEO of AIsphere, Wang Changhu, has been deeply involved in the fields of computer vision and artificial intelligence for 20 years. He previously served as the head of visual technology at ByteDance, participating in the construction and development of products like Douyin and TikTok from scratch, establishing the visual algorithm platform and business mid-end at ByteDance, and leading the construction of large-scale visual models at ByteDance. He also served as a senior researcher at Microsoft Research Asia, published over a hundred international papers, and holds hundreds of patents. The company’s team members come from top institutions such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and have previously worked in core technology teams at leading organizations like ByteDance, Microsoft Research Asia, Kuaishou, and Tencent.

In January 2024, AIsphere officially launched the web version of its video product, PixVerse. The PixVerse product page receives over a million monthly visits, ranking first in the global AI product list on in February for growth rate. Currently, the accumulated video generation volume exceeds tens of millions and is widely used by creators in film, advertising, animation, and other content production.

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