Alibaba and WFP Enter Strategic Partnership to Help Create a World with Zero Hunger

Alibaba Group and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) have entered a strategic partnership in efforts to the support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 – a world with zero hunger. The agreement was signed today on Nov 5 in Hangzhou, China.

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“We now have a great ally in the fight against hunger,” WFP’s Executive Director, David Beasley
said. “The support and expertise of the Alibaba Group – including their cloud computing, advanced data analytic capabilities, and online platforms – will help WFP become even more efficient and effective in its work to reverse the trend of rising hunger around the world.”

WFP World Hunger Map
The WFP’s World Hunger Map in 2017. Alibaba Group is partnering with WFP to build a digital map to improve the organization’s responses to food crises across the globe. (Source: Alizila)

Under the framework, Alibaba will provide its leading technology and resources to support the digital
transformation of WFP’s operations. To reach the goal of ending world hunger in 2030, Alibaba and WFP will collaborate to develop a digital “World Hunger Map” that can monitor the status of global hunger and
help enhance the operation’s efficiency. The visual map is intended to leverage data insights to help WFP improve assessment and monitoring to shorten emergency response times.

To coordinate their joint efforts, the parties will also create a Digital Transformation Working Group to determine priorities, assess new opportunities, and review their progress.
Alibaba established the Alibaba Poverty Relief Program in December 2017, aiming to invest CNY10 billion
in five years to alleviate poverty with focuses on education, rural commerce advancement, empowerment of women, healthcare and environmental sustainability.

“Alleviating global poverty and fighting hunger is the shared vision of Alibaba and WFP,” said Sun Lijun -Chairman of the Alibaba Foundation, “We look forward to joining the global campaign of fighting hunger using our innovative technologies in data intelligence and cloud computing, as well as sharing our experience in China and worldwide.”