Alibaba Announces Executive Restructuring

On December 19, Alibaba announced the 19th major structural adjustment in three years. Daniel Zhang, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group’s Board of Directors, issued an internal letter, announcing a new round of organizational restructuring. This organizational restructuring involves multiple business groups including Cloud, Ant Financial, Ali Mama (Alibaba Group’s digital marketing platform) and Hema.

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One of the major changes is that Zhang Jianfeng will be stepping down as CTO of Alibaba Group, but will continue to serve as Chairman of Alibaba Technical Committee, President of DAMO Academy and President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Business Group. He will also continue to lead Alibaba‘s future technology strategy.

Apart from the current duties as president of the Taobao Tmall, Jiang Fan will be in charge of the Ali Mama business group; Trudy Dai, president of the Group’s B2B business group, will be responsible for the Hema business group. Hou Yi, president of Hema, will report to Dai.

In the internal letter, Daniel Zhang articulated the main goal of the adjustments. “On the 20th anniversary of Alibaba‘s founding, we have reiterated the three major strategies of Alibaba‘s digital economy in the future, namely globalization, domestic demand, as well as big data and cloud computing.”