Alibaba-Backed InTime Department Store and “Super Plants” Release Calendar for Green Consumption

Alibaba-backed InTime Department Store and a cutting-edge brand “Super Plants” have jointly released a calendar for the new year that can be used to guide flower planting. The department store operator InTime aims to encourage users integrating of green consumption into their daily lives.

The raw materials used to make this calendar are 100% sustainable, and the packaging is made completely of degradable paper, according to InTime. The cards are made of environmentally friendly material containing flower seeds, and no chemicals that endanger the living environment of plants such as bleach are added.

The seeds contained in the calendar cards can be planted and grow flowers. InTime and Super Plants selected 12 endangered plants, such as bretschneidera sinensis, taxus chinensis, rafflesia, to express good wishes for a new year in an anthropomorphic manner.

The calendar for the new year that can be used to guide flower planting (Source: InTime Department Store)

The calendar will be launched in limited quantities on the official social platforms of both parties, and users will have the opportunity to get them when they participate in interactive activities.

This is not the first time that InTime Department Store has cooperated with other brands to promote green consumption. Since the start of this year, it has cooperated with sustainable fashion clothing brand DE NO! SING to launch a waste rescue plan, which conveys the concept of sustainability by transforming discarded old clothes into green plants. It also established a “sustainable fashion brand alliance” with sports brand Anta, clothing brand eifini and Answer Limited, and bag maker IncollecTion to support green recycling.

Recently, China’s State Council issued a plan for expanding domestic demand, which continuously advocates green and low-carbon consumption patterns and economical and intensive green lifestyles. As a public space for people to go shopping and relax, shopping malls are perfect for popularizing low-carbon and green lifestyles. InTime Department Store is one of the earliest ones to build green shopping malls. In recent years, it has encouraged consumers to practice green and low-carbon lifestyles through paperless shopping malls, green energy, green express delivery and green recycling.

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Up to now, it has used 304 million kWh of green energy throughout the year, and has recycled nearly 100,000 old clothes and empty bottles. In the most recent Double 11 Shopping Festival, it used recycled express bags, reducing an estimated nearly 150 tons of plastic.