Alibaba CEO Eddie Wu Announced Major Organizational Restructuring at Taobao&Tmall Group

On December 22, two days after assuming the role of CEO of Taobao and Tmall Group, Eddie Wu announced a major organizational restructuring of the Group.

Specifically, Wu Jia, born in the ’80s, will be responsible for the Taobao and Tmall User Platform Division and Alimama Division. Shen Weiyi, the current Chief Operating Officer of, will be transferred to Taobao, leading the Taobao Division, Taobao and Tmall Merchant Platform Division, and the Customer Satisfaction Division. Liu Yiman will be in charge of the M2C Division. Liu Bo will lead the Tmall Division. Wang Tingxiang will lead the Clothing Development Division. Cheng Daofang will lead the Taobao Live and Content Division.

On September 12, Wu Yongming, who had just taken over as CEO of Alibaba Group, called on Alibaba employees to “reshape user value with the determination to start again” and emphasized “We will resolutely implement the team’s youthfulness, let young managers refresh the business management team, and create a mechanism and cultural environment that allows more young people to become the core force of Alibaba.”

In November, Alibaba announced the first batch of strategic-level innovative businesses – 1688, Xianyu, DingTalk, and Quark, aimed at young people and technology development trends, and vigorously promoted the reform of the management team’s youthfulness. This adjustment made by Eddie Wu within Taobao and Tmall Group represents one of a series of measures to promote the youthfulness of the management team. 

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