Alibaba Cloud Launches Third Data Center in Germany

Alibaba Cloud, a cloud computing services provider owned by Chinese internet giant Alibaba Group, announced on Tuesday that it has added a new data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

This center once served the Tokyo Summer Olympics and Beijing Winter Olympics, broadcasting them to the world through Alibaba Cloud. At present, the company operates a network of 84 availability zones in 27 regions across the globe. It will continue to provide support for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics.

“We will continue to increase investment in overseas markets, work with local partners and customers to promote digital transformation, share experiences and serve customers in more markets,” said Yuan Qian, the president of Alibaba Cloud’s intelligent international business division.

Since the launch of its first data center in Frankfurt in 2016, Alibaba Cloud has set up local teams in Germany, the U.K., France and other countries, and has reached cooperation with enterprises regarding automobiles, manufacturing, retail, games and other industries. Well-known European enterprises such as Siemens, SAP and Schneider are using its services. At present, the company operates five data centers in Europe.

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Alibaba Cloud is promoting a partnership program in Europe, attracting business allies in many European countries to jointly serve local markets. After the opening of its third data center in Germany, it will provide more cloud computing products in the European market, which, in addition to serving European enterprises, will also provide cloud technology support for Chinese enterprises entering Europe. The company will offer Chinese firms one-stop cloud services that are streamlined for cross-border operations.