Alibaba Cloud Open Sources Tongyi Qianwen with 7 Billion Parameter Model

August 3rd news, today Alibaba Cloud open-sourced the Qwen-7B and Qwen-7B-Chat models with a total of 7 billion parameters. Both models are general-purpose and conversational models, and they are open-source, free, and available for commercial use. This move makes Alibaba Cloud the first large-scale technology company in China to join the ranks of open-sourcing large models.

In April this year, Alibaba Cloud released its latest large-scale language model called “Tongyi Qianwen”. Zhou Jingren, the CTO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, has stated that they will open up the capabilities of Tongyi Qianwen to help each enterprise build their own exclusive large-scale model.

It is reported that all Alibaba products will be fully transformed by integrating with Tongyi Qianwen in the future. DingTalk and Tmall Genie are among the first to undergo testing and will officially release new features after evaluation and certification.

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Zhou Jingren also introduced that in the future, every enterprise can not only access all the capabilities of Tongyi Qianwen on Alibaba Cloud, but also combine their own industry knowledge and application scenarios to train their own enterprise large-scale models. “All software is worth integrating into large-scale model upgrades and transformations.”

At present, more than 12 product lines and over 40 scenarios have been integrated into the DingTalk platform. Users can generate PPTs, mind maps, data analysis charts, project boards, etc., by inputting natural language through a slash ‘/’.