Unveils Its Vision: Co-Creating a Revolutionary E-Commerce Ecosystem for B2B Entrepreneurs

As a leading B2B e-commerce platform, is always committed to providing innovative tools to connect both buyers and sellers across the world and thereby boost the development of small businesses in the global market.

On September 7, 2023, introduced an innovative suite of products at its Co-Create conference in Las Vegas. These new offerings aim to streamline the sourcing, communication, and delivery processes, empowering individuals to pursue entrepreneurship more easily and effectively.

The retail e-commerce sector has been a fiercely contested battleground for some time now, but there are still ample opportunities for the players in the industry to delve into when it comes to catering to the unique needs of B2B small and midsize enterprises (SMEs). Amidst this bustling B2B e-commerce landscape, remains steadfast in its commitment to serving small businesses globally. As Stephan Kuo, President of North America, notes, “70% of US buyers on are small businesses or startups.”

Unlike established corporations, small businesses tend to be acutely attuned to market fluctuations and require robust targeting tools to navigate the volatile landscape effectively. According to a recent survey conducted by, in a globally interconnected society, the quest for all your needs within a 10-mile radius of your home becomes increasingly challenging. Intriguingly, while over 80% of small business owners express confidence in their capacity to innovate and develop new products, approximately 31% of these owners consistently encounter difficulties when it comes to identifying the appropriate suppliers to transform their innovative concepts into tangible reality.

Ron Williams, Creator of RW Total Body Bar

Ron Williams, Creator of RW Total Body Bar, who attended the conference as a panel speaker, vividly recalls a time when he had numerous product concepts, only to see them preempted by others. Determined to avoid a repeat of this situation, he took swift action when he conceived the idea of a home workout bar. Without hesitation, he turned to Google in search of potential suppliers, and that’s when he discovered

Ron’s journey is not an isolated one. Many newcomers to the business world find themselves in a similar position—they possess creative ideas but lack the know-how to transform them into reality. While they may recognize the importance of sourcing suppliers, they often grapple with the intricacies of the sourcing process, not to mention the complexities of logistics, inventory management, and the subsequent steps involved.

Suzan Hernandez, the founder and CEO of MamaP

When Suzan Hernandez, the founder and CEO of MamaP, embarked on her startup journey with the launch of bamboo toothbrushes as the inaugural product, she encountered an unexpected challenge. Little did she know that she would need FDA approvals to import toothbrushes into the United States, as “toothbrushes are categorized as medical devices”.

Observing and hearing those pain points from its buyers, Alibaba re-streamlined the sourcing and communication process for buyers through its plan to launch:

Suppliers, as well as buyers, are vital for’s ecosystem. Kuo mentioned the existing global suppliers on the platform have expanded over an increasing number of countries and regions, and US buyers source from not only China and USA, but also from Pakistan, India, and Vietnam.

Daniel Márquez, CEO of Blender Group

In addition, to address cross-cultural challenges and language barriers, now offers VR showrooms and live streams for suppliers and introduces real-time translation in 17 languages during live video chats, enhancing mutual trusts between buyers and sellers. Daniel Márquez, CEO of Blender Group, a Mexican concrete mix supplier, eagerly welcomed this feature, saying to Pandaily, “I’ve been waiting for it for a long time. Language has always been a barrier for us.”

While the conference primarily focuses on introducing the new features,’s vision transcends technology as a mere means to an end. Their ultimate goal is to establish enduring connections between suppliers and buyers, fostering a collaborative future that interconnects the entire international e-commerce ecosystem and strengthens partnerships in the global market. As Hernandez aptly summarized at the end of her interview with Pandaily, “When seeking a supplier, you’re not just seeking someone to produce goods; you’re seeking a partner. It’s a mutually invested relationship.”

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