Alibaba T-Head Works with China’s Leading Smart Voice Chip Supplier, Allwinner, to Launch New Computing Chips

Dubbed “China’s largest domestic smart voice chip supplier,” Allwinner Technology (Allwinner) has reached a strategic cooperation with Alibaba‘s chip subsidiary T-Head to develop a new computing chip based on the T-head “XuanTie” processors, according to Forbes China.

The chip will be used in factory control, smart home appliances, consumer electronics and other fields. The joint venture is expected to produce 50 million chips in three years, according to Forbes China.

The first joint-produced item of the two parties has been developed: the universal computing power chip based on the T-Head RISC-V-based “XuanTie” 906 and 902 processors. The new processors can further shorten the mass production cycle and is expected to achieve new breakthroughs in power consumption, reported by Chinese Tech media TMTPost.

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According to TMTPost, Allwinner’s annual shipments of chips are more than 100 million units. In the past ten years, its core products have been developed based on the ARM architecture.

Founded in 2007, Allwinner describes itself as an “intelligent application processor SoC,” “high-performance analog device,” and “wireless interconnect chip design” manufacturer, according to the company’s website.