Alibaba’s Cainiao Offers Nonstop Logistics Services amid Chinese New Year Festival

With the Chinese Lunar New Year, also called the Spring Festival, around the corner, many longed for a big break after an arduous year. To prevent the pandemic from spreading amid the populated season, Alibaba’s cargo delivery service Cainiao Smart Logistics Network along announced that the platform would offer nonstop logistics service to 200 major cities in China over the holiday so citizens do not need to step outside to buy necessity goods.  

After China noticed a resurgence of COVID-19, the government appealed to the public to “only travel when necessary during the holiday.” According to China’s Ministry of Railways, the number of people who traveled during the holiday was significantly lower than usual. By Jan. 16, sales of Spring Festival’s pre-sale tickets dropped by nearly 60% compared to previous years. 

“If fewer people are traveling around during the holiday, there will be more cargo to ensure the sustainable supply for stay-at-home citizens,” said Li Jianghua, CEO of Cainiao Guoguo. “Under the threat of the epidemic, Cainiao is adopting a new ‘Spring Festival cargo delivery mode’ to ensure the safety of the country.”

Cainiao told Pandaily that this is the first time the platform conducted a wide-scale nonstop delivery service during China’s biggest holiday. In addition, Cainiao’s 55 global supply chains will also continue delivering imported goods to Chinese consumers. 

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(Source: Cainiao)

Given the rising needs for gift shipping during the holiday, Cainiao Guoguo, Cainiao’s courier delivery platform continues allowing users to arrange for courier delivery using their mobile phones in 100 cities during the holiday and vowed not to raise the price of the service. More than 20,000 Cainiao post stations will also offer contactless parcel pick-up services for people to get their parcels safely by scanning their specifically-tracked bar codes.  

At the same time, Cainiao promised to give a 200 million yuan stipend to couriers who donated their time during the holiday. Since these couriers can not return home and reunite with their families this year, Cainiao sent out family gift packages to these hardworking couriers to celebrate their selfless contributions to the country.