Alibaba’s Global Headquarters in Hangzhou Is Officially Operational

On May 10, Alibaba Group Holding Limited‘s global headquarters located in Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City (Xixi C District) was officially put into use. On the same day, Alibaba Beijing Chaoyang Science and Technology Park will also be put into operation.

On May 10th, it is also the 20th “Alibaba Day”. On this day every year, the company will have celebration activities. Two new campuses will be open to Alibaba‘s friends and alumni. Xixi C District is currently Alibaba‘s largest self-owned campus, capable of accommodating 30,000 employees.

The Alibaba Group Holding Limited global headquarters project is located in the Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City, north of Wenyi Road and east of Gaojiao Road. The total construction area is 984,500 square meters, with an above-ground construction area of 584,500 square meters. It consists of 7 office buildings arranged in a circular layout, all interconnected to form a dynamic circulation line known as the ‘Vitality Loop.’ In the future, the Vitality Loop area will be equipped with commercial facilities, leisure communication areas, cultural exhibitions and other compound functions.

After the new global headquarters of Alibaba Group Holding Limited is put into use, Alibaba Xixi Zone A will become the headquarters for e-commerce businesses such as Taobao and Tmall. Alibaba Xixi Zone B will consider opening to the public officially and be developed into an innovative digital ecosystem park for Alibaba, providing services and support to upstream and downstream ecological enterprises.

The central wetland garden in the park is very distinctive, overlooking Alibaba‘s smiling face logo. The nearly 260,000 square meters of landscape design follows the concept of “urban forest.” In the northeast side of the park, there are standard football fields, a 400-meter track, outdoor basketball courts, indoor sports facilities, etc.

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