Alipay Now Accesses Huawei’s HarmonyOS Ecology

At the 2022 Huawei Developer Conference held on November 4, He Gang, chief operating officer of Huawei Terminal Business Group, said that Huawei will release its HarmonyOS 4 next year and that Alipay, an online payment platform, has been officially connected to the HarmonyOS Ecology.

Huawei and Alipay are exploring more possibilities of atomic services based on HarmonyOS. Users will soon be able to use Alipay’s payment capabilities through smart search and directly complete online payment. In the future, services such as medical insurance and provident fund inquiries and intelligent recommendation services will be launched.

Users will also be able to use HarmonyOS through by Alipay in the form of atomic services, such as refueling, parking payments, express reminders and so on.

Four years ago, Huawei officially released its HarmonyOS at the company’s developer conference and announced its open-source strategy. In 2020, Harmony Connect for hardware ecology and partners was launched. Later, in 2021, HarmonyOS iterated to version 2.0 and was subsequently installed on the company’s smartphones, watches, tablets and smart screens.

This year, Huawei released HarmonyOS 3.0. After three generations of upgrades, the scenes covered by HarmonyOS have been broadened once again, and five scenes including smart home, audio-visual entertainment, sports health, smart office and smart travel have been optimized. At present, the number of Huawei terminals equipped with HarmonyOS has exceeded 320 million, up 113% year-on-year.

At today’s press conference, consumers can see that, at the level of multi-device interaction, HarmonyOS goes further, and the connection between smartphones, cars and PCs is closer.

For example, for automobiles, HarmonyOS 3.0 is about to be made available for the smart console, and applications on mobile phones can be seamlessly connected to cars. In the first quarter of 2023, AITO’s EV models will be provided HarmonyOS 3 in batches.

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At present, the demand for using smartphone apps on computers is increasing. Huawei is now bringing the mobile application ecosystem to the PC, upgrading the HarmonyOS 3 kernel, and supporting entertainment, games and other scenarios. HarmonyOS’s core capability enables devices to be connected into hyperterminals, bringing multi-device communication sharing.

In addition, Huawei released HarmonyOS 3.1 for developers. HarmonyOS 3.1 supports Harmony Development Kit and the SDK has fully upgraded ArkTS for declarative application development. It supports 10000+ ArkTS APIS for better app development. HarmonyOS 3.1 will roll out beta testing in January 2023 and public release in March 2023.