All BYD New Energy Vehicles Now Equipped With Blade Batteries

Shenzhen-based auto firm BYD announced on August 19 that all of its new energy passenger cars are now equipped with blade batteries.

On March 29, 2020, the Chinese EV maker launched its self-developed innovative LFP battery, also referred to as a “blade battery.” Compared with ternary lithium batteries, blade batteries have higher safety, longer cycle life and lower costs. Its energy density can reach 180wh/kg, and nearly 50% bigger volume than that of previous BYD batteries, greatly improving the overall endurance of the vehicle.

BYD once said that blade batteries can be charged and discharged more than 3,000 times and travel 1.2 million km. Its Han EV model is the first to be equipped with a blade battery.

In July 2021, a record disclosed by the company showed that all of its pure electric vehicles had been replaced with blade batteries. This June, it said on an investor interaction platform that the batteries carried by its on-sale pure electric models had square cells.

BYD has also been developing new battery forms. Recently, it published a patent for a “hexagonal prism” battery. From the patent diagram, the cell of the battery is hexagonal prism-shaped and looks like a honeycomb from above, which is different from the mainstream cylindrical, soft pack and square batteries.

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Firm CEO Wang Chuanfu pointed out earlier that the first half of new energy vehicles is electrification and the second half is intelligence. In this regard, BYD said that the company pays full attention to automobile intelligence and is laying out an intelligent industrial chain through equity investment and joint venture.