Ant Group Ranks First in Global High-Correlation Authorized Blockchain Patents List

A report jointly released by IPRdaily, an intellectual property research institution, and incoPat on Wednesday, showed that the three companies with the largest number of authorized blockchain patents in the world were Ant Group, Tencent and International Business Machines Corporation (IBM).

Compared with previous similar studies, this report only includes patents highly related to the blockchain field which has continued to increase significantly since 2019.

Thanks to policy support and enterprise investment, the domestic blockchain industry has developed rapidly. According to the report, there are seven TOP10 enterprises from China, two from the United States and one from South Korea. Ant Group has 1252 patents, ranking first in the world, and totalling more than the others in the top five. Tencent currently ranks second with 391 authorized patents while IBM ranks third in the world with 297 patents granted.

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According to the report, Ant Group’s blockchain patents are mainly around the underlying technical fields such as data storage, privacy protection, security mechanisms and transaction processing, and its business coverage scenarios include food traceability, cross-border trade, copyright protection and development, shipping, carbon neutral among other businesses.