Apple Commissions its Chinese Supplier BOE to Test iPhone Screens

According to latest reports, in order to cut costs and reduce reliance on parts supplied by South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, Apple commissioned China’s top display manufacturer BOE Technology Group to test the latest cutting-edge iPhone screens. It is reported that Apple is interested in the BOE’s flexible OLED screen. BOE’s certification tests for the new screen have entered the final stage. Apple will decide whether to use the company’s products before the end of this year.

Previously, BOE announced that they planned four production lines for the 6th generation flexible screens. The screens are being mass produced in Chengdu.

Reports dating back to February have noted that BOE is qualified as a supplier of flexible OLED panels for Apple, and is expected to become the third supplier of flexible OLED panels after Samsung Display and LG Display. However, according to Apple’s internal regulations, even if the manufacturer obtains the qualification of the supplier, it will not be able to ship its products to Apple immediately. BOE must first pass Apple’s quality certification in order to become a supplier.

BOE is the largest panel manufacturer in China. With more than ten years in business, BOE has become the world’s largest supplier of LCD panels, with the largest market share in the world for LCD panels, encompassing all sizes. The company is the current leader among China’s high-end manufacturing enterprises.

On October 16, 2018, Huawei released its new flagship Huawei Mate 20 series. Since Samsung refused to provide AMOLED flexible screens for the device, Huawei adopted BOE’s 6.39-inch AMOLED flexible screens. In addition, BOE also offers Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro highly integrated solutions in terms of screen folding, and in-display fingerprint recognition. Chinese netizens like to address BOE as Huawei’s preferred supplier.