ARCFOX Alpha S Huawei HI Version to Be Delivered in July

ARCFOX, a brand owned by BAIC BluePark New Energy, announced on Tuesday that the new HI (“Huawei Inside”) version of its Alpha S model will be delivered to those who had paid in full or had made substantial deposits later in July. By August, the vehicle will take the lead in launching high-level intelligent driving functionality such as automated driving on urban roads and highways and also an automated valet parking (AVP) feature available in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Arcfox also said that mass roll out will begin in September with Guangzhou and Beijing unlocking the HD-Map and the HarmonyOS console will be upgraded. In December, its high-end autonomous driving system will be OTA upgraded again, covering 380,000 kilometers of expressways in Beijing-Tianjin, Sichuan-Chongqing, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions. AVP function will also be opened to all high-end users.

84 exclusive supercharging station will be completed within the year, adding to the current 1,289 third-party 800V high-voltage charging piles have been certified and put online, covering 40 core cities.

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The new model was launched on May 7 and is priced between 397,900 yuan ($59,316) and 429,900 yuan ($64,087). Compared with other Alpha S models, the new HI version was jointly created by Arcfox and Huawei. It is equipped with three lidars, Huawei’s HI smart car solution and Harmony OS.

The new model, equipped with three solid-state lidars, can not only deal with height restriction safety barriers at toll booths, tunnels, basements, ECT barriers, left turn situations, but also quickly identify and judge the scenarios such as motobikes and pedestrians crossing the road indiscriminately.

In terms of appearance, the new HI model, as a pure electric C-segment sedan, has a very aggressive front shape. Due to the slip-back design, the rear of the car is designed to be short and snubbed, while the upturned tail wing creates a sports car-like visual. The through-type taillights impress from afar at night.