Autonomous Driving Firm Haomo.AI Launches Urban Driving Assistance Product NOH

At the 2022 HAOMO AI DAY held on Wednesday, autonomous driving technology company Haomo.AI released NOH (Navigation on HPilot3.0), an urban road version of its in-house developed Level 2 autonomous driving system.

Haomo.AI stated that this is China’s first mass-produced urban assisted driving product, and the first urban assisted driving solution that focuses on perception. Previously, the firm has launched two generations of passenger car assisted driving HPilot products since 2021, which are being delivered in an orderly manner as planned.

The driving route generated by the navigation system can realize automatic lane changes, traffic light identification, smart vehicle control, complex intersection traffic and unprotected turns on urban roads, according to the firm. In addition, it can deal with complex urban traffic conditions such as vehicles shifting at close distance, vehicles blocking and occupying roads, intersections, roundabouts, tunnels and overpasses.

The system is equipped with a high computing power chip with an AI capability of 360T, a cache of 144M and a computing power of 200K + DMIPS CPU. It is also equipped with two lidars, 12 cameras and five millimeter wave radars.

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According to data released by Haomo.AI, the passing rate of passenger cars equipped with this system is over 70%, the success rate of lane changes is over 90%, while the traffic processing capacity is as high as Level 4.

At present, the NOH system has been undergoing testing in Beijing, Baoding and other cities. Vehicles equipped with this system will reportedly begin mass production in the near future.