Autonomous Driving Startup WeRide’s Mileage Passes 10 Million

WeRide, an autonomous driving technology company, announced on Monday that the mileage of its autonomous driving on open roads exceeded 10 million kilometers, of which the mileage of fully unmanned driving exceeded 2.5 million kilometers.

WeRide were able to reach this record by the continuous testing and operation of its autonomous driving fleets. The company has been able to scale its fleet to more than 300 vehicles in China and the United States over the last four years. The growth of the fleet meant the company was able to test and deploy more features for end users.

WeRide’s fleet, including Robotaxi, Robobus, and Robovan, is distributed throughout cities in China such as Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Anqing, and San Jose in the United States. Its tests and operations have covered urban CBDs and villages, tunnels, expressways in high temperature or inclement weather.

In an effort to understand how to better develop its product and services, WeRide reproduced the data on its self-developed simulation platform, showed a test mileage of more than 8 billion kilometers, which is equivalent to 300 autonomous driving vehicles of WeRide working day and night on real roads for 50 years.

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Through operation, the key indicators of WeRide’s sensor suite such as perception ability, stability and tolerance have been tested and have been upgraded five times, bringing a more integrated, efficient and stable hardware solution.